Finance New or Used Equipment with a Small Business Loan from Atlas Equipment Finance

Remember, at Atlas Equipment Finance in Buffalo, NY, a low credit score is OK. We understand that many business owners may incur credit issues from time to time. It’s the nature of owning a small business. The truth is that there are many great business owners who deserve credit when given a chance to tell their story.

Acquiring a piece of equipment that has a direct link to a company’s bottom line can lift any downtrodden business to recovery. In addition, a successfully paid-off lease will always improve credit ratings.

Defining Challenged Credit

1. New Business Start-Ups

This definition applies to any business less than 2 years old. It’s important that new business owners have
alternate sources
of income, such as working spouses, other business ownership, real estate income, 
retirement income, etc.

2. Older Businesses with Credit Issues

This definition applies to any business more than 2 years old. Many business owners experience credit 
problems. It’s a common occurrence when trying to grow a business. We will arrange funding leases for
any business that can demonstrate integrity, organization, skill, and the potential for positive cash flow. Call
us today!

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Ticket Size

Ticket sizes range from $10,000 - $900,000.

Lease Terms:

  • 12 - 36 Months (< $100,000)
  • 42 - 48 Months (> $100,000)

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We Finance New or Used (Any Age) Equipment

Yes, we will fund equipment that is “essential” to the business. Approvals are more likely when the equipment can generate a measurable ROI for the customer and retains good residual value. We also will finance businesses across the U.S. and private 3rd parties from $15,000 to $900,000. Call us today and let our experienced staff of professionals evaluate your equipment needs. Our leasing programs vary from 12 to 60 months.